Benchtop CyanoSafe

Benchtop CyanoSafe

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Safely Processes Evidence, Protects Personnel and is Easy to Use.

The CyanoSafe™ Filtered Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber provides a controlled environment for the processing of latent fingerprints on most non-porous surfaces.

It uses the cyanoacrylate fuming method to safely and effectively process evidentiary while eliminating personnel exposure to hazardous cyanoacrylate fumes.

The CyanoSafe™ utilizes solid-state heating elements that accelerate cyanoacrylate polymerization while providing proper humidity levels inside the chamber. An automatic controller monitors filter conditions and allows automatic processes on latent evidence.

Simply place the cyanoacrylate into the heating tray and press "PROCESS" on the automatic controller. The chamber locks down and a humidity sensor is activated as the fuming process begins. Once the desired results are achieved, press "PURGE" to automatically removes all harmful cyanoacrylate fumes from the chamber.

Unit comes complete with Prefilter (No. ACFPRE) and Hybrid Bonded Carbon Filter (No. ACF100H).

Benchtop CyanoSafes are built to rest on a table top, or placed on a cart/trolley (No. ACA1019 for 30" or No. ACA1049 for 48" units)

cyanosafe diagram

Benchtop CyanoSafe™ Dimensions:

CAS30 Width Depth Height
External 30" 30" 54"
Internal 29" 25" 36"
CAS48 Width Depth Height
External 48" 30" 54"
Internal 47" 25" 36"

The AirSafe Automatic Safety Controller features:

  • Timing of evidence processing cycle
  • Monitoring of main Carbon filter life
  • Controls humidity levels
  • User set process time up to 60 minutes
  • Self diagnostic ensures safe operation
  • One-touch control of all chamber features

CyanoSafe™ Features:

  • All structural polypropylene construction
  • Vapor-proof fluorescent light
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Gas sensor
  • AirSafe automatic safety controller for system monitoring
  • Hanging rods and clips
  • Operates from a standard 110-volt or 220-volt electrical outlet
  • Cyanoacrylate accelerator with temperature shut-off
  • Brushless, sparkless motor
  • Clip to mount Control Strip

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