Arson Investigation Liquid Sampler Kit


This kit will assist the investigator in collecting arson scene liquid with as little contamination as possible. Each non-leachable glass sample bottle is equipped with a hydrocarbon-resistant cap. Filtering equipment is provided to separate debris from suspected liquids in order to minimize site contamination and facilitate subsequent laboratory analysis. The ”Arson Investigator’s Manual“ is included.

AEC200 includes:

1 - AEC210 Collection Hand Pump

2 - AEC211 Collection Bottles with Valve Heads

2 - AEC212 8 oz. Nalgene Sample Bottles with Screw-On Caps

1 - AEC213 Transfer Funnel

1 - AEC201 10' Tubing

1 - AEC202 5" Tubing Cutter

4 - KCP320 Vial: 40ml 28 x 95mm Clear Flint Screw Thread 24-400 with Teflon Lined Cap

5 - AEC206 Test tubes, Polypropylene, Vacuum Filtration

5 - AEC206 Test Tube and Filter Closure

25 - AEC208 Strips, Oil-Based Test Paper

25 - AEC209 Strips, pH Paper, Acid/Base Litmus

6 - KCP137 Syringe with Needle, Disposable, 10cc

4 - SM1000SR1 Evidence Integrity Strips

10 - EIL011 Evidence ID Labels

1 - AEC200C Black, Molded Copolymer Carrying Case, Textured with Handle and Molded Inserts

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