Uni-Swab Kit


Cross contamination of swabs after sample collection is avoided through the use of applicator shields. Pull the Applicator, wood tip first, through the large opening until the head rests inside the shield. Then insert the swab shield with applicator into the swab box. The swab will air dry by itself as it rests within the applicator shield. Mark appropriate item on swab box to indicate type of specimen. Intial and date each biohazard seal and then seal each end of the swab box to provide appropriate labeling and specimen integrity. Swabs are individually sterilized. Kit includes supplies for 20 specimen collections.

US100 Contents:

1- US001B Kit Box; Dimensions: 9.25” x 7.25” x 1.375” (23.5cm x 18.4cm x 3.5cm)

20- US001 Uni-Swabs consisting of:

1- KCP160 Applicator

1- AS24 Swab Shield 1-TX101 Swab Box

2- ECT2A Biohazard Seals

1- US04 Chevron Pouch

1- US02 Instruction Sheet

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