Evidence Collection and Processing (Germantown, TN) Sept 8-10, 2020

Evidence Collection and Processing (Germantown, TN) Sept 8-10, 2020

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With the cooperation of the Germatown Police Department (TN) Sirchie is offering its comprehensive “hands-on” General Processing Class at the Germantown Police Department, 1930 S. Germantown Rd., Germatown, TN 38138.

This 3-day (8:30 am to 4:00 pm) course covers state-of-the-art methods of identifying, recording, processing and preserving various types of evidence found at the scene of the crime. The program is geared for “Hands-on” use of equipment, materials and supplies necessary for a thorough and comprehensive evidence collection mission.

OST100 Evidence Collection and Processing Topic Areas include:

1) Crime Scene Mission
     a) Protecting the crime scene
     b) Officer safety / personal protection
     c) Identifying evidence and types of evidence

2) Crime Scene Documentation
     a) Essentials of crime scene photography and using a DSLR camera
     b) Sketching and logging the crime scene

3) Latent Fingerprint Processing - Powder
     a) Standard oxide powders and standard brushes
     b) Metallic powder and its use
     c) Magnetic powder and applications
     d) Fluorescent powders and using Alternate Light for latent

4) Latent Print Lifting and Preservation
     a) Standard lifting tape and preservation
     b) Hinge lifters
     c) Gel lifters – advantages and applications
     d) Accutrans – lifting from difficult surfaces

5) Latent processing – wet surfaces
     a) Small Particle Reagent Processing
     b) Lifting SPR developed prints

6) Latent Processing - tape
     a) Adhesive side powder
     b) Preserving developed prints

7) Latent Processing - Chemical
     a) Iodine
     b) Ninhydrin
     c) DFO

8) Latent processing – Cyanoacrylate (Superglue)
     a) Latent print development using a Cyanowand
     b) Preserving – fingerprint powder and lifting

9) Physiological Fluid Testing
     a) Blood Search, Identification, and enhancement
          i) Using luminol, presumptive tests , and stains
     b) DNA and Sex Crimes
          i) Identifying bodily fluids, presumptive testing
          ii) Recommended methods for collecting and preserving DNA

10) Footwear / Footprint Processing
     a) Development Of Footwear with Powders
     b) Dry Transfers / Electro Static Dust Print Lifter
     c) Casting using dental stone (Shake and Cast)

Minimum enrollment will be18 students with a maximum enrollment of 25 students.

All materials, supplies, and equipment will be supplied by Sirchie. The cost per student will be $395. Students will be responsible for their own transportation and related per diem expenses.

Students are encouraged to bring their own photography equipment when possible. A DSLR camera is preferred, but not required.

Individuals interested in attending must register on-line with Sirchie in accordance with the instructions below no later than 10 days prior to the class. Sirchie reserves the right to cancel the class if the minimum number (18) of students has not been met.