Forensic Symposium for Educators

Forensic Symposium for Educators

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Thanks to shows like CSI and Forensic Files, interest in forensic science has risen dramatically. We designed our Annual Forensic Symposium for Educators so you can get real-world experiences and interactive lessons to use in your classroom. Through a combination of lectures, exercises, and hands-on lab work, our workshops are created to be adapted to a 45-minute class and/or lab. 

Topics and activities will include:

This year’s symposium will allow students to follow tracks according to their interests. Attendees will choose one of three topics for Day 1, another for Day 2, and then attend both lecture sessions on Day 3. Total instruction hours: 15 hours. Sessions I-VI will provide lesson plans for classroom length activities (30-60 minutes). Sessions VII-VIII will provide information for attendees to incorporate into lesson plans and are introductions to possible topics for the 2019 Symposium.