CSI Photography and Evidence Processing Technology (Doylestown, PA) Oct 18-22, 2021

CSI Photography and Evidence Processing Technology (Doylestown, PA) Oct 18-22, 2021

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With the cooperation of the Bucks County Police Training Center Sirchie is offering a comprehensive “hands-on” CSI Photography and Evidence Processing Class at the Bucks County Police Training Center, 1760 S. Easton Rd., Doylestown PA 18901. This 5-day course covers state-of-the-art methods of identifying, recording, processing and preserving various types of evidence found at the scene of the crime. The program is geared for “Hands-on” use of equipment, materials and supplies necessary for a thorough and comprehensive evidence collection mission.


DAY 1 CSI Photography

  • Terminology and legal aspects
  • Review of camera and functions
  • Exposure Triangle: ISO, f Stops, shutter speed

DAY 2 CSI Photography

  • Evidence & macro photography
  • Low light and Painting with Light (PWL) Photography (evening session)

DAY 3 Crime Scene Processing

  • Crime Scene and Evidence Documentation
  • Latent Fingerprint development with powder

DAY 4 Beyond Fingerprints

  • Advanced Fingerprint Development - chemicals
  • Biological Evidence - blood and DNA
  •  Footwear evidence Casting, Lifting, preserving

DAY 5 Specialty Fingerprint techniques

  • SPR and adhesive side developer
  • Cyanoacrylate (superglue)


Minimum enrollment will be 18 students with a maximum enrollment of 25 students. The cost per student is $595.00. All materials, supplies and equipment will be supplied by Sirchie. Students will be responsible for their own transportation and related per diem expenses. Individuals must register on-line no later than 5 days prior to the class, Sirchie reserves the right to cancel this class if the minimum number (18) students has not been met.