Bloodstain Pattern Documentation (Doylestown, PA) November 15-18, 2021

Bloodstain Pattern Documentation (Doylestown, PA) November 15-18, 2021

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Bloodstain Pattern Documentation

This 4-day hands-on course introduces the student to the nature and value of bloodstain pattern evidence. This class is not designed to make the student a bloodstain pattern expert in four days, but rather to teach the student to be able to locate and test stains to determine if they are blood and then be able to properly document the bloodstain pattern with notes and photography. To do this, students will perform experiments with blood and witness the creation of various patterns. Through these experiments the students will learn to associate the patterns with the actions that created them and be able to recognize them and document them at future crime scenes.

Class Location:

Bucks County Law Enforcement Center

1760 South Easton Road

Doylestown, PA 18901


Day 1

  • Introduction and Registration
  • Historical Development of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
    • Dr. Paul Kirk and intro to Dr. Sam Sheppard case
  • Basic Principals of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  • Basic Bloodstain Pattern Crime Scene Documentation
    • Camera Settings and Scene Photography
    • Sketching Bloodstained Scenes

Day 2

  • Understanding blood traveling at angles and calculating angle of impact and point of origin

Day 3

  • Recognizing and documenting the basic bloodstain patterns
  • Study of actual bloodstain pattern cases, including the Sam Sheppard case
  • DNA collection and presumptive testing and enhancement of bloodstains

Day 4

  • Practical Exercise - Creating Basic Bloodstain Scenes
  • Practical Exercise – Process bloodstain pattern crime scene and report results
  • Final Exam – Visual pattern recognition test
  • Final Exam – Written test
  • Graduation and conclusion of course


Minimum enrollment will be 18 students with a maximum enrollment of 25 students. The cost per student is $545.00. All materials, supplies and equipment (including DSLR cameras) will be supplied by Sirchie. Students will be responsible for their own transportation and related per diem expenses. Individuals interested in attending must register on-line with Sirchie in accordance with the instruction below no later than 5 days prior to the class, Sirchie reserves the right to cancel this class if the minimum number (18) students has not been met.