Thin Layer Chromatography of Marijuana Kit with 6 Tests


This is a rapid, simplified, specific test for marijuana utilizing a laboratory technique that any officer may perform. It has a sensitivity of 120 times that of the Duquenois test. Special consideration can be given samples previously thought of as insufficient for analysis. A complete kit for performing thin layer chromatography that permits six complete, individual tests is available.

For Sale to Law Enforcement Only!

MZ020 Kit Contents:

6 - MZ020A Thin Layer Chromatography Test

1 - MZ010B Extract Reagent #1, 1 oz.

1 - KCP228A Glass Jar with Closure, 4 oz., Labeled Mobile Phase

1 - KCP228A Glass Jar with Closure, 4 Oz, Labeled Color Developing

1 - 288DP Disposable Pipettes with Capillary and 3ml Bulb

1 - EIL011 Evidence Identification Labels, "Crime Evidence"

1 - KCP321 Photo: Chromatography of Marijuana Comparison

1 - KCP1391 Plastic Tweezers, 4.75"

1 - KCP165 Glass Stirring Rod, 5"

1 - KCP154 Pipette with Suction Bulb

1 - MZ020C Texturized, Molded-Plastic Carrying Case, 14.25" x 8.25" x 7"

Product Restrictions

  • HAZMAT Shipping Charge

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