SirchVision DVSS Deployable Video Surveillance System New

SirchVision DVSS Deployable Video Surveillance System


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SirchVision™ DVSS puts everything you need into one system. It’s easy to set up and easy to use. This is truly a mobile and portable system that puts a telescoping tripod mast, camera, power source and broadcast communication capability into two rolling hard cases. You can use it as a stand-alone camera, integrate with your own video management software (VMS) and/or other cameras, or use with an on-board VMS. You get live real-time or recorded high definition video. You can view it remotely, via a computer or laptop, or even view it on your smartphone or tablet.


  • Quickly deploy in under 20 minutes
  • Small Footprint – Broad Coverage
  • Self-contained – power, view, record
  • Integrates – Valuable addition to existing system

You can customize it to your needs by choosing:

  • Power Source: battery pack or standard AC plug
  • Communication: Wi-Fi, cellular, or MESH network
  • Camera: single PTZ, PTZ plus 360-degree camera, or two PTZs
  • Add a recording option for a truly stand-alone system.

Optional Mesh Communication Network

A more reliable, more secure wireless network that is made up of radio nodes organized in a mesh topology that carries data over large distances by splitting the distance into a series of short hops, hopping by point to point, until the data is delivered. By using this form of communication network you won’t be competing on crowded cell towers or Wi-Fi access points for connections to deliver your video. It’s the next level in wireless secure communication, high data throughput, highly secure, and flexible.