Prima Facie Body Camera - Extended Two Year Warranty

Prima Facie Body Camera - Extended Two Year Warranty


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Prima Facie Body-Cam Extended Warranty

Safety Vision, LLC (SV) offers an extended warranty to the original purchaser of the Prima Facie body worn camera. The Second-Year Advanced Replacement Product Warranty is detailed below.


1. Warranty Description
Safety Vision warrants the customer’s Prima Facie against defects in materials for an extended period of one year, beginning on the 366th day of ownership and concluding on the 730th day of ownership. During this period, SV will replace a defective Prima Facie without charge to the customer, if the customer is in compliance with Section 4 below. Safety Vision's total liability is limited to the original product cost.

2. Obtaining Warranty Service
To obtain warranty service, the customer must contact the SV Service and Warranty Manager at 713.929.1164 to report a defective product. The customer must report the model number and serial number. The Service and Warranty Manager will assist in troubleshooting the problem and, if necessary, issue a return material authorization (RMA) number.

3. Advanced Replacement
If the customer is issued an RMA, SV will pay to ship an Advanced Replacement Prima Facie to the customer. Once the customer receives the new Prima Facie, the same box must then be used to return the original Prima Facie to SV headquarters.

4. Customer’s Responsibility
The following conditions apply:
The customer must notify SV within 10 days of discovering the defective product and provide a description of the defect and complete information about the manner of its discovery.

All warranty servicing of this product must be performed by SV or an authorized servicing agent.

The Second-Year Advanced Replacement Product Warranty does not extend to any product or part that has been 1) lost or discarded by the customer, 2) damaged as a result of misuse, abuse, accident, improper installation, improper maintenance, or use in violation of instructions furnished with the product, 3) altered or modified without authorization of SV, 4) rendered defective by burglary, fire, flood, war, riot, civil commotion, acts of God, or any other condition beyond the control of SV. If the defect or failure is due to damage from any of the aforementioned reasons, SV will not replace the product and will invoice the customer for the return freight charge. Note: If any of the aforementioned incidents occur within the typical and expected duties and activities of licensed peace officers and first responders, SV will honor the warranty.

5. Packing and Shipping Instructions
The customer must send the original, defective product to SV or an authorized SV dealer. The customer must use proper packing material (i.e., the Advanced Replacement product box) to ensure against damage during shipping. Any shipping damage caused by improper packing is not covered under this warranty. The customer must include the issued RMA number on the outside of each package shipped to SV.

SV will ship the Advanced Replacement Prima Facie via standard ground freight to the customer. Faster shipping can be utilized at the request of the customer; however, the customer must pay for any shipping charges beyond the cost of standard ground freight. The customer must pay to ship the original, defective Prima Facie back to SV headquarters.