SIRCHTRAK Tire Tread Print-Out System


To accurately compare tire print evidence, the track left by the suspect tire should be recorded under the pressure of the vehicle. SIRCHTRAK™ is a new, easy-to-use ”drive over“ system that gives a permanent record of the tire under load, making comparisons to casts and/or photographs more reliable and eliminating dusting or inking of tires to be examined. Simply lay a sheet of SIRCHTRAK™ on the impression board and drive the vehicle over it. The pressure of the tire under load causes the interleaved carbon carrier to transfer to the adhesive-coated receiver sheet. Simply peel off the carbon carrier and discard. BENEFITS: Unlike conventional methods of making test tracks, the tire tread imprints are exact, uniform, high-contrast reproductions which become an accurate ”signature“ of the suspect tire. The SIRCHTRAK™ printout is perfect for comparison purposes and ultimate courtroom presentations.

10 - STT103 SIRCHTRAK Print-Out Sheets
1 - STT102 SIRCHTRAK Impression Board, 13" x 19"
1 - STT101 Sheet of Foam Rubber Material for Shoe Print Impressions

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