Personal Property Inventory Bag 9 inch x 12 inch (100 each) Hot

Personal Property Inventory Bag 9 inch x 12 inch (100 each)

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SIRCHIE ’s new personal property inventory bags are designed specifically for storing the personal property of those who are incarcerated. The 9" x 12" bags feature a tamperproof seal to ensure the integrity of all belongings. The seal creates a permanent lock which cannot be opened without destroying the bag. The bags are transparent for easily viewing the contents. Plus, the bags are pre-printed with an inventory label—specially treated to provide a textured, paper-like quality—so that the contents may be listed right on the bag. A perforated inventory tab attached to each bag will help keep track of the property. The tab may be removed easily and stored with the prisoner’s file. Made of heavy-duty, 3.2-mil-thick, multi-layer, coextruded polyolefin film, the bags are lighter and stronger than paper and single-layer polyethylene films. The bags are tear- and puncture-resistant as well as water-resistant— additional safeguards against damage to the property during storage. Available in quantities of 100 and 500, the personal property inventory bags are packaged in a convenient box for easy dispensing.