Red SIRCHMARK Evidence Tape with White Stripe 54 ft

This tape has the same features as the tapes above and a 3/8" wide white strip throughout the entire length of the roll. The strip provides the space to write any necessary information. It readily accepts inks from ballpoint pens. SM5000 Red with White Stripe, 54'

Our SIRCHMARK® Evidence Tape is made with a matte acetate base featuring a top surface that may be written on with pencil or pen. It is coated with a permanent, quick-setting acrylic adhesive that defies removal from most surfaces. To increase the tape’s ability to tear, it is perforated with 3/16” slits at 1/4” intervals. Dual-serrated tape edges add redundancy to the integrity. The tape’s top surface is printed in translucent red or blue ink, then overprinted with an opaque black identifier or an agency’s custom imprint. The roll is 1 1/2” wide, 0.001” thick, on a 3” core and is backed with 50 lb. stock Kraft liner.

Attempts to remove SIRCHMARK® evidence tape will cause the tape substrate to break and peel off in irregular strips. The red or blue tint and black overprint will dissolve and smear when solvents like alcohol and acetone are applied—positive proof of tampering.

SM5000 Features:

  • Red Integrity Evidence Tape with "EVIDENCE" imprint
  • 3/8" wide white, write-on stripe throughout the entire length of the roll
  • Tape is rolled onto a 3" diameter core packaged in a handy Dispenser Box
  • 54ft length roll
  • Serrated edge and ultra-thin (0.001" thick) acetate ensures an "integrity seal" that prevents undetected removal
  • Split backing makes peeling super easy
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