NARKsafe Ductless Testing Workstation

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A derivative of heroin, fentanyl-related deaths are increasing as the opioid epidemic increases worldwide. Fentanyl is deadly if swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin, so being protected when handling suspected substances is paramount.  NARKsafe™ fume hood enclosures are ideal for protecting professionals during the forensic analysis of fentanyl and other dangerous substances. Only this system offers a turbulence-free, horizontal laminar airflow with dual HEPA filtration.

NARKsafe™ enclosure provides a negative pressure environment to pull any particulate away from the operator and eliminate end-user exposure. It also allows for the addition of a bonded carbon filter, so analysis of other chemical solutions or marijuana exhibits can be safely handled in the same workspace. Available in three widths: 36’’, 48’’, 72’’.

how it works

Why NARKsafe™ is the only enclosure to use when testing illicit substances:

  • Horizontal laminar airflow pattern
  • Dual HEPA filtration
  • HEPA filters with 99.997% efficiency rating for collecting 0.3-micron particles
  • Electrostatically charged pre-filter to collect larger particulate and minimize clogging of the HEPA filter
  • ASHRAE 110 testing adjustable face velocity
  • Ability to replace contaminated filters under negative pressure.
  • Blue flooring to see substances clearly when testing
NARKsafe Ductless Testing Workstations come complete with all filters necessary for operation:
Unit Prefilter 1st HEPA Filter 2nd HEPA Filter Carbon Filter # for operation
ACDD760 (36") ACFPRE6 ACFHEPA18 ACFHEPA ACF100 2 of each
ACDD770 (48") ACFPRE6 ACFHEPA18 ACFHEPA ACF100 3 of each
ACDD780 (72") ACFPRE6 ACFHEPA18 ACFHEPA ACF100 4 of each

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