Investigator's Field Blood Test Kit

Investigators Field Blood Test Kit


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This is a field blood test kit combining the three most efficient and effective reagents. The kit features Luminol, Leucomalachite and Phenolphthalein packaged in DISCHAPS™ (disposable chemical applicators). This complete kit includes four DISCHAPS™ of each reagent, distilled water and contact test paper. Instructions and a color chart are mounted permanently in the kit.

DCB400 Contents:

12 - 288FPI Contact Filter Papers, 1" x 2"

4 - DCB1001 Phenolphthalein DISCHAPS

4 - DCB2001 Leuco-Malachite DISCHAPS

4 - DCB3001 Luminol DISCHAPS

1 - DCB400C Sensitivity of Blood Test and Positive Reactions Chart

1 - DISW1 Distilled Water with Dropper, 1 oz.

1 - KCP138 Disposable Scalpel, 5"

1 - DCB4001 Carrying Case, Textured, High-Density Polyethylene, 8.5" x 5.5" x 3.1875"