Fixed Focus 10X Compact Device Magnifier with White Light, 365nm UV Light & IR Anti-Stokes Visualizer

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Compact devices are intended for express authenticity verification and advanced examination of passports, ID cards and other travel documents, visa stamps and seals including but not limited to entry permits, driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates and other vehicle related documents, signatures and handwriting fragments, revenue and special stamps, securities and other documents with security features.

The devices enable to detect main security features in printing, compare sizes of objects, control the width of typographic lines, detect mechanical and chemical alterations in document structure, examine documents in transmitted light.

Compact devices are constructed with the possibility of diopter adjustment of the eyepiece in plastic body. The compact devices can be used as separate authenticity verification devices or can be supplied with other Regula devices extending their functionality.



  • Law enforcement authorities
  • Border control and immigration services
  • Customs authorities
  • Banking Institutions
  • Visa support agencies, consulates, notary offices
  • Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents


Technical Specifications:

  • 10X Magnification
  • Document examination under white light
  • Document examination under 365nm UV illumination
  • Detection of Anti-Stokes luminescence
  • Power supply: 2 batteries AAA type