Southwestern Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit

Southwestern Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit

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Following the Texas Attorney General’s Evidence Collection Protocol, 1998 edition, SIRCHIE® created a sexual assault evidence collection kit to meet their specs. The TX100 has been so popular, it is now offered to all agencies.


1- TX1001 Kit Box, 10.5“ x 7“ x 3“ (26.7cm x 17.8cm x 7.6cm)

1- TX1002 Evidence Collection Instructions

1- TX101 Request for Medical Exam & Release of Medical Records Form, 3-Part

1- TX102AC Examination & Forensics Report Form, Pages 1-3, 3-Part NCR

1- TX102EL Body Diagram Forms, Various, 3-Part NCR

1- TX103 Oral Swabs & Smear Envelope

1- TX104A Changing Paper Bag with 23“ x 45“ (58.4cm x 114.3cm) Paper Sheet

1- TX104B Undergarments/Diaper Bag

2- TX104C Outer Clothing Bag

1- TX106 Pulled Head Hair Envelope

1- TX105 Head Hair Combings Envelope w/Towel & Plastic Comb

1- TX107 Debris Collection Envelope w/Paper Bindle, Sterile Swabs & Box

1- TX108 Anal Swabs & Smear Envelope

1- TX109 Vaginal/Penile Swabs & Smear Envelope

1- TX110 Pubic Hair Combings Envelope w/Towel & Plastic Comb

1- TX111 Pulled Pubic Hair Envelope

1- TX112 Fingernail Scrapings/Swabbings Envelope w/2 ea. Paper Bindles & Scrapers, Swabs & Swab Box

1- TX113 Known Blood Sample Blood Collection Tube, 7ml w/EDTA

1- TX114 Known Saliva Sample Envelope w/Sterile Swabs & Box

1- TX115 Receipt of Information Form, 3-Part NCR

1- TX116 Authorization to Assign Payment Form, 3-Part NCR

1- 999311 FDA Manufacturer’s Insert

1- KCP206 Biohazard Label, 1“ x 1.25“ (2.5cm x 3.2cm), Black on Orange

1- KCP214 Pencil, Sharpened

2- KCP164 Evidence Seals, Red, ”Warning! Police Seal, Do Not Remove“