Forensic Swab Dryer

Forensic Swab Dryer


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The Sirchie Forensic Swab Dryer is a useful product for all forensic laboratories and anywhere where evidence swabs are taken.  This new swab drying cabinet provides a safe, controlled environment for swabs to dry for later processing.  This dryer provides enough space to place in up to 6 swab drying boxes (up to 72 swabs total) and will dry them to greater than 99% dry in approximately one hour.

The Forensic swab drying cabinet uses HEPA filtration with axial fans pulling air through HEPA filters with additional filtering on the exhaust.  This swab dryer also has a digital timer with two ranges: 1-999 seconds or 1-999 minutes.  The timer will alert you when the set cycle is done running and you can interrupt a cycle as needed.

A latch is included with non-tamper tags that can be used to secure the door to protect chain of custody while drying.

Forensic Swab Dryer comes with:

  • Drying cabinet
  • 2 HEPA intake-side filters
  • 1 Fabric exhaust filter
  • Starter kit with
    • 2 swab boxes that hold 12 swabs each
    • 5 blue security ties
    • 5 red security ties

Key features:

  • Compact size: suitable for table/benchtop use and lightweight for easy movement as needed
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low fan noise
  • Modern appearance with interior cool white lighting
  • Easy to set drying time with two ranges: 1-999 seconds or 1-999 minutes
  • Digital times that emits audible (2 beeps) and visual indicator (displays END) when selected drying time is complete


Dimensions Length Width Height
English 15.375" 14.250" 19.125"
Metric 390.5mm 361.9mm 485.8mm