EZ-DRY Swab Box Kit

EZ-DRY Swab Box Kit

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The SIRCHIE® EZ-DRY™— Swab Box Kit is the best way to collect, package, label and seal cotton swabs without the possibility of sample switching or secondary contamination, while providing a way to maintain a continuous chain of possession. Room temperature is sufficient to dry swabs with EZ-DRY™— no freezer or swab dryer is needed.

SB1000 Contents:

1 - SB1001 Kit Envelope

5 - KCP248 EZ-DRY Swab Boxes

5 - KCP160 Sterile Swabs, Pack of 2

1 - Distilled Water, 3ml

5 - SB102 Evidence/Integrity Seals

1 - Instruction Sheet

5 - KCP206 Biohazard Labels, 1" x 1 1/4", Black on Orange