NARK II Frohdes Reagent

NARK II Frohdes Reagent

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For Sale to Law Enforcement Only!

Frohdes Reagent chemistry will presumptively identify Pentazocine (brand name Talwin®) by turning Blue after breakage and agitation of the 2nd ampoule. 10 tests/box.

Like all our NARK II narcotic field tests, the Frohdes (Talwin) Reagent is meant for presumptive field drug testing.

NOTE: ALL TEST RESULTS MUST BE CONFIRMED BY AN APPROVED ANALYTICAL LABORATORY! The results of this test are merely presumptive. NARK® only tests for the possible presence of certain chemical compounds. Reactions may occur with, and such compounds can be found in, both legal and illegal products. This test must be administered following its specific instructions and may be used in conjunction with other reagents in the NARK® II Sequential Testing System.

NARK—Storage and Handling


  • Avoid UV light (sun, fluorescent lighting)
  • Avoid extreme heat or cold
  • BEST: Keep in original package/box in cool, dry environment
  • Shelf Life: Best if used within 3 years

SDS (Safety Date Sheet):

  • Hazards for tests (strong acids, strong bases, oxideizers, strong solvents, flammables)
  • Available on and upon request.