FOCOS+ Dual Camera Forensic Comparator


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With the FOCOS+, examiners can easily compare two pieces of evidence with this efficient tool. Two 15 MP cameras are mounted side-by-side on swing arms so examiners can adjust cameras in an unparalleled range of motion to view all physical evidence. The FOCOS+ system includes two LED ALS lights that can be switched between white, blue (460nm), green (520nm), and UV (370nm).

Key features include:

  • Two 15 MP mounted cameras with auto-focus lens
  • Included camera barrier filters for improving contrast and viewing fluorescence ( 2 each of yellow, orange, red)
  • Integrated diffuser for soft even light over surface
  • Cameras have a 180 degree ball mount for flexibility in examining evidence and getting multiple angles (oblique, overhead, and side lighting)
  • Easily rotate between various wavelengths with a side switch.
  • An integrated PC with a 27’’ monitor and capture software to view, rotate, reverse, calibrate, save, import and export images.


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