EZ-LIFTERS 3.5 x 2.375 (Inches)


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SIRCHIE®'s new EZ-LIFTERS™ are a convenient, easy-to-handle means of lifting powdered latent fingerprints from physical evidence at the crime scene or in the crime lab. Fashioned from a pliable vinyl substrate, they permit lifts from surfaces from which other lifting materials produce less than satisfactory results. The vinyl substrate is coated with a revolutionary acrylic adhesive that will lift powdered prints but is easily removed from non-porous surfaces and many porous surfaces as well. Each EZ-LIFTER™ is preprinted with a highly accurate horizontal and vertical scale using metric measurements-the format used by most crime laboratories and ID technicians. The lifting surface is supplied on a quickly removed disposable backing material. The lifters are die-cut permitting the user to merely grasp the lower right corner, and then remove the lifter from the backing material. (Packs of 12 w/white vinyl backing sheets and ID Labels.)