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The EZ-LIFTER System fulfills an often needed means of tracking crime scene lifts while providing a method to document and catalog this very valuable form of physical evidence. This system comes with four sheets of digitally printed die cut lifters (12/sheet) in Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. This allows you to assign a different color for each area or location processed. Each numbered lifter has its own arrow designator for indicating the location of the developed latent print for photographing as well as a corresponding backing card identifier, too. The low-tack lifter adhesive outperforms conventional lifters in the recovery of powdered prints from a variety of non-porous and porous surfaces. That’s right…you can even lift powdered prints from newsprint if necessary. Normally, however, latent print powders are not used on porous surfaces unless the prints are known to be fresh.


4 - 8" x 11.25" Lifting Sheets; 1 ea. Blue, Green, Yellow and Red

12 - numbered lifts per sheet with corresponding Arrow Designator and Backing Card Tag

48 - EZL100BC Backing Cards

1 - Filing Box with color coded Contents Label