SEARCH Tactical Professional Latent Print Kit

SEARCH Tactical Professional Latent Print Kit


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This field kit incorporates the latest in brush applicators for powders—and a selection of SIRCHIE's finest latent print powders. With this system, multiple colored powders may be used effectively with “no intermix”, and it is cost effective and efficient. All the necessary support components are included to aid in producing the desired result—latent print development. Kit includes a removable foam insert for securing and protecting powder jars.


Fingerprint lifters:

1– 145L2 Fingerprint lifting tape, 2” x 360”

12– 130LT1 Transparent hinge lifters, 1.5” x 2”

6– 131LT1 Transparent hinge lifters, 2” x 4”

6– 131LW1 White hinge lifters, 2” x 4”

6– 131LB1 Black hinge lifters, 2” x 4”

6– 127LW1 White rubber lifters, 2” x 4”

6– 127LB1 Black rubber lifters, 2” x 4”

6-131LT41 Transparent Hinge Lifters 4” x 4”


Latent Print Brushes:

3– 122L1 Kit size fiberglass brushes

3– 120L Max Spread Powder Brushes


Latent Print Powders:

1– 101L Silk black latent powder, 2oz.

1– 103L White latent powder, 2oz.

1– SB201L Silver/black latent powder, 2oz.

1– SR301L Silver red latent powder, 2oz.


Support Components:

1– L B0031 Backing sheet pad, 3” x 5”, 50 sheet

1– 379M attached case magnifier

1– KCP110 Scissors 5”

10– ZTE011 Evidence bags, 4” x 6”

10– EIL011 Crime evidence labels

1- L KB VTAC ™ 1050D nylon case featuring, YKK® zippers, Fold out organizing panel, 3 compartments, Heavy duty nylon handles, Non-slip padded shoulder strap & High impact plastic D rings.