SEARCH Pocket Latent Value Kit

SEARCH Pocket Latent Value Kit

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Many of our customers have expressed the need for latent print kits with the same quality SIRCHIE® products at a lower cost. We understand the need to cut costs, so we are introducing three latent value kits. The SEARCH® Pocket Latent Value Kit provides the same quality products you need for crime scene investigation at a lower price.

156LV includes:

2 - 117L Goat Hair Powder Brushes

1 - KCP112 3X Straight Handle Magnifier

1 - 103L6 White Latent Powder, 6g

1 - 101L4 Black Latent Powder, 4g

2 - 131LT1 2" x 4" Clear Hinge Lifters

2 - 131LB1 2" x 4" Black Hinge Lifters

2 - 131LW1 2" x 4" White Hinge Lifters

1 - KCP119 Molded, Acrylic Carrying Case