Laboratory Fuming Cabinet & Heat Chamber 110V

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The 214CA offers the advantages of an environmentally sealed chamber for the processing of fingerprints with Ninhydrin and iodine. Because the chamber is constructed of Fiberglass, it is not subject to the severe corrosive effects of Iodine fumes. All parts internal to the chamber are of stainless steel. Upper and lower ports allow for the connection of an exhaust system. The unit’s silicone-encapsulated heater is self-limited to surface temperatures of no more than 450° to prevent the possibility of the formation of cyanide gases during glue fuming. A programmable digital temperature controller controls chamber temperature. Optimum Ninhydrin processing temperature and Iodine fuming settings are available via front panel switches. Processing can be monitored through a large Plexiglas™ front panel.


The 214CA Laboratory Fuming Chamber is supplied with:

1 - 202C Ninhydrin Aerosol, 6 oz

1 - A211C Iodine Crystal Ampoules, 6

10 - CNA1061 Omega-Print Disposable Fuming Trays

1 - DCA16 Iodine Print Enhancer, 6

1 - KCP162 Watch Glass

1 - NFS200 Ninhydrin Fixative Pump Spray, 8 oz

3 - Stainless Steel Document Rods

6 - Stainless Steel Document Clips