CYANOVAC III Combination Vacuum Chamber Outfit


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The VAC350 consists of the VAC100 and VAC200 Vacuum Chambers and a single VAC50 Vacuum Pump. Included with this outfit are all the necessary hoses, valves and connections to permit either tank to be operated from a single vacuum pump. The complete Cyanoacrylate Vacuum Fuming System.

VAC350 includes:

1 - VAC100 Vacuum Chamber for Cyanoacrylate Development, 17"

1 - VAC200 Vacuum Chamber for Cyanoacrylate Development, 48.75"

1 - VAC52 Dual Tank Connector

1 - VAC201 Gun Rack Tray

1 - VAC202 Miscellaneous Items Tray

1 - VAC203 Glue Pack Holder

1 - VAC50 Vacuum Pump, Diaphragm Type

1 - CNA2000 Cyanoacrylate Pack