PRINTMATIC Flawless Compact Kit

PRINTMATIC Flawless Compact Kit


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These kits are ideal for both fingerprint taking and latent print dusting. They’re lightweight, compact and perfect for field use. Kits are available with a regular Porelon® pad, our series of PRINTMATIC™ fingerprint pads, a slab and roller or a PRINTMATIC™ pre-inked roller, and each comes with many of the most commonly used latent print dusting and lifting supplies.


1- FPT263 Injection Molded Fingerprint Cardholder

20- FPT1 Super Cleaner Towelettes

1- 101L1 HI-FI Volcano Latent Print Powder, Silk Black, 1 oz.

1- 103L1 HI-FI Volcano Latent Print Powder, Indestructible White, 1 oz. (30ml)

2- 118L Regular Powder Brush

1- 145L2 Fingerprint Lifting Tape, Frosted, 2” x 360” (5cm x 9.1M)

1- LB0021 Lifted Print Backing Sheet Pad, Gloss Black Reversible

1- PFP700 PrintMatic™ Flawless Fingerprint Pad

1- KCP152 Accessory Case, Polypropylene

1- CFP700AC Black Molded Copolymer Carrying Case w/ custom molded inserts