Universal Photo ID Stand

Universal Photo Identification Stand w/ Electronic Digital Sign

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This stand is an excellent choice for departments not requiring dedicated camera systems. It is a complete, totally integrated identification camera stand that offers easy operation and guaranteed performance. The stand features a 4-footed, cast iron base for stabilization and permanent mounting, if necessary. A height-lock mechanism moves vertically and features a Teflon® locking collar. The stand is an excellent choice for departments requiring a stable platform for a variety of different camera systems. The Universal Photo Identification Stand is available in 3 different configurations allowing departments to choose and adapt the stand to meet specific needs. SPECIFY SIGN HEADING WHEN ORDERING


Height (floor to top of platform): Min. 47.5” (1.2m); Max. 65” (1.6m); Total Travel 17.5” (44.4cm)

Platform Size: 0.75”H x 23.8”W x 11.8”D (1.9cm x 60.4cm x 30cm)

Distance from the center line of the upright tubing to the end of the horizontal arm: 34.5” (87.6cm).