Electronic Digital ID Sign

Electronic Digital ID Sign

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Designed and engineered by SIRCHIE®, the Electronic Digital Identification Sign offers convenience and reliability. The unit features a dual bank of liquid crystal displays known for their photographic compatibility. The sign is simple to use and features a swing-down front panel for rapid access to the entry keyboard. Simply touch the key number desired—there are no knobs to turn and no numbers to insert.


• Liquid Crystal Display (dual)

• 12 digits total—6 each bank

• Character Height: .75” (19mm)

• Contrast Ratio: 20:1

• LCD Operating Life: 100,000 hrs with 4 “AA” Alkaline batteries.

Mounting Options Included:

• Detachable neck chain

• Camera stand bracket

Dimensions: 9”W x 6”H x 1.25”D (22.9cm x 15.2cm x 3.2cm);

Weight: 1.5 lbs. (.7kg)