SpiderLIGHT Holster Set (for non-DSLRs)

SpiderLIGHT Holster Set (for non-DSLRs)

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Designed specifically for Mirrorless cameras and small DSLRs, this camera holster is lightweight, durable and extremely versatile. Designed to clip right onto user’s belt, the SpiderLight is the perfect companion for anyone that wants an easy draw-from-the-hip, no strap solution to take their camera anywhere.

Package includes the SpiderLight Holster, SpiderLight Plate/Pin and a wrench. Compatibility - compatible with all Spider Holster accessories/products. Weight - 0.295 Lbs (135g).


SpiderLight Holster:

  • All-Metal durable construction and ergonomic Holster design.
  • Two-position metal lock ensures security & fast draw action.
  • Easily clips to your own belt or to Spider LIGHT belt.
  • Quickly attaches to backpack straps with the LIGHT backpack adapter.


SpiderLight Plate/Pin:

  • Arca-Swiss tripod compatibility - built-in profile in the plate.
  • Extra 14/20” connection to any tripod quick-release plate.
  • Secure Anti-Twist Spider PIN design.
  • Plate design does not block Mirrorless camera battery doors!.
  • Adjustable features on the plate for thinner or thicker camera bodies/grip configurations.
  • Optional tether/quick strap connection.