Spider MONKEY Camera Holder Kit

Spider MONKEY Camera Holder Kit

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The Spider Monkey Kit is a two-piece system that can hold a flash, light meter, battery pack, or other lightweight accessory on your hip. The reinforced polymer Spider Monkey Base attaches to any belt (up to 2 inch height), including the Spider belts, Lowepro's Street & Field, and Think Tank's Steroid and Skin belts. The Spider Monkey Tabs (2 included) attach to any lightweight accessory with a flat surface using a high-strength 3M adhesive. Each tab has a locking feature that slides and locks into the base clip. To release the tab and accessory, press the button on top of the base clip, then lift the tab and accessory up.

This system provides a quick-draw method of retrieving gear, eliminating the need to hunt through your bag for an item. Multiple Spider Monkey base clips and tabs (sold separately) can be used to have multiple accessories within arm's reach. Extra tabs are available in packs of three (No. SH901)


Product Highlights

  • Spider Monkey Base with 2 Tabs
  • Quick-draw, secure lock mechanism
  • Requires a flat surface - 1 in x 1.5 in (2.5 x 3.75 cm)
  • Holds a Flash, Meter, Battery or other accessory (up to 1lb/454g)
  • Use the Spider Monkey clip on your belt, pants or shorts
  • High-strength 3M Adhesive - never comes loose

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