Sirchmark Evidence Cones

Multicolor SIRCHMARK Evidence Marking Cones Blank

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SIRCHMARK™ Evidence Marking Cones make your job of marking evidence at the scene incredibly easy.  Offered blank or with numbered decals on four sides in sets of 20, these cones are made of durable molded plastic and are able to be used in all types of weather.  SIRCHMARK™ Evidence Marking Cones are available in 5 colors and work extremely well with SIRCHMARK™ Evidence Marking Flags that can be inserted through a hole in the top of the cone; SIRCHMARK™ Brites for illumination at night; and SIRCHMARK™ reflectors that are adhesive and reflect light for night time crime scenes.

This kit contains 5 cones each of Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

Each cone is 6" tall.


  • Broad base to keep cone in place during windy weather
  • Stackable for easy storage and transport
  • Numbered cones come in sequence from 1-20; 21-40; 41-60; 61-80; 81-100
  • Numbers on all sides to make crime scene photography easy
  • Available in five colors: red; green; yellow; blue; or white
  • Available for purchase as single color or in multi-color kits