SIRCHMARK 911 First Responder Kit

SIRCHMARK 911 First Responder Kit

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SIRCHMARK™ First Responders Evidence Marking Kit provides any first responder with the tools needed to secure a scene and begin the evidence marking process.  The kit allows a responder to conduct a scene security and evidence marking mission during day or night.  Secure the scene and mark the evidence and items of interest with confidence.

Kit Contents:

1- BT100 Barrier Tape/Crime Scene

1- SEM20N SIRCHMARK™ Evidence Marking Pointers, Orange - pack of 20

1- SEM20Y SIRCHMARK™ Evidence Marking Pointers, Yellow - pack of 20

1- SEP100N SIRCHMARK™ Evidence Marking Paint. Fluorescent Orange, 17 oz. can

1- RCHALK Reflective Chalk

1- WCHALK White Chalk - pack of 3 pieces

1- SK900 Tape Measure, 100ft/30m

1- StikkiDots Reusable Wax, pack

20- Green Evidence Marking Flags

20- White Evidence Marking Flags

20- Yellow Evidence Marking Flags

20- Red Evidence Marking Flags

20- Blue Evidence Marking Flags

1- SBW10 SIRCHMARK™ Brites LED Lights - pack of 10

1- RRNBK Write in the Rain Notebook

1- RRPEN Write in the Rain Pen

1- Carrying Case