Forensic Symposium for Educators

Forensic Symposium for Educators


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Thanks to shows like CSI and Forensic Files, interest in forensic science has risen dramatically. Through a combination of lectures, exercises, and hands-on lab work, educators will leave our Symposium armed with real-world experiences and interactive lessons they can use in their classrooms. Lectures and activities are formatted so what is learned can be conducted by the educator as a laboratory or individual class lesson.

Instructors: Heather Hanna, David Alford, Dave Pauly, Dyer Bennett, Jim Gocke

Topics and activities will include:

Each session will be a full day (8 hours) comprising an entire lesson plan. The session will include an informational lecture on background and science of the topic, a review of the lab / practical exercise, and a review of teacher and student roles. Each attendee will execute botht he teacher and student activities and have time to review and ask questions during the sessions. Each session will be accompanied by a fully documented lesson plan.

• Forensic Geology/Mapping

• Latent Fingerprint Development

• Shooting Reconstruction

On Day 3 additional forensic lecture topics will be presented and attendees can chose to attend 2 of the 3.