Postmortem Blood Urine Specimen Kit

Postmortem Blood Urine Specimen Kit


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The Post-mortem Blood Urine Specimen kit is designed specifically for gathering specimens from a deceased body: Everything you need in one place to take blood samples or collect urine for testing

Kit contents:

  • 1 kit box with biohazard label 
  • 1 FDA product insert 
  • 1 Blood tube and urine bottle holder with security flap
  • 1 100ml Urine specimen bottle 
  • 2 10ml blood collection tubes containing 100 mg. of sodium fluoride and 20mg. of potassium oxalate 
  • 1 16 gauge and 4’’ needle 1 Ziplock bag with a liquid-absorbing sheet 
  • 3 Tamper-Evident Specimen security/identification seals 
  • 1 Tamper-evident kit box shipping seal for resealing outer box after specimen collection