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MapLink is an advanced mobile cell phone mapping software package that lets you easily:

  • Import Call Detail Records from all major carriers with fast, efficient, easy to use import tools
  • Map the Tower Field that allows you to quickly and easily map the Cell Tower field with a true representation of the cell field shown
  • View Call Details so you can start your link analysis quickly and show how your suspect communicated across the landscape

Using MapLink to access Call Detail Records from cell towers will help you track activity related to mobile phones encountered during your investigation.  By making a deeper analysis of the related CDRs, a digital forensics investigator can gain knowledge about the identification of suspects, reveal potential hidden details about the relationship between parties in the investigation, provide details as to their communications, where they have been during specific time periods, behavioral patterns and tendencies.

MapLink also assists in:

  • Analysis of call activity
  • General location
  • Possible travel of single or multiple users

Using MapLink, you can easily produce a map that will illustrate the movement of a user through a network of towers