CSI Pix Matcher Latent Fingerprint Software


Maximum 30 characters

Maximum 30 characters

Don’t give up on that UGLY latent!

  • Automatically searches latent print against entire palm or tenprint
  • Minimum of 4 minutiae points required on latent
  • Auto minutiae detection
  • Finds best matching regions and rotates latent appropriately for comparison

CSIpix® Matcher is a powerful new tool based on the CSIpix® Comparator. The Matcher can be used to perform an in-depth automated comparison between a latent fingerprint and a tenprint card or between a latent and a known palmprint.

The Matcher assists examiners with the comparison of a latent print to a known print by highlighting regions on the known tenprint or palm that match the features of the latent print. The latent print is also rotated appropriately so it lines up with the matching region of the known print. In many cases only one region is highlighted, so the examiner can quickly exclude non-matches or begin work on the detailed comparison.

The Matcher can be especially useful when a latent print (finger or palm) is of poor quality with few minutiae and small area. It can save significant time when comparing a partial latent palmprint to the relatively large area of a known palmprint. In cases where a latent fingerprint is poor quality with few minutiae and/or a small usable area, more than one matching region may be highlighted. In this case non-matching regions can typically be eliminated quickly.


• Includes all features of CSIpix® Comparator

• Automated rotation of latent print to match orientation of matching region of known print

• Highlighted regions indicate matching feature pairs with bright dots and connecting lines

• Manual minutiae addition and editing, optional addition of cores/deltas

• Save minutiae data for latent and known prints for fast processing

• Automated Matcher algorithm to detect regions on known that match latent feature pattern

• Automated minutiae detection for entire palm or tenprint

• Search a latent palm print with as few as 4 points against an entire known palm

• Search a latent fingerprint with as few as 4 points against multiple prints on a tenprint


CSIpix Matcher, although extremely helpful, is merely a search tool to assist friction ridge examiners in locating potentially similar areas of a particular friction ridge impression in comparison to one or more other friction ridge impressions. Neither iSYS Corporation nor the CSIpix Matcher software claims or intends in any way to represent that areas of comparison (or lack thereof) indicated by the CSIpix Matcher should be interpreted by the user as justification for the determination of whether or not a latent friction ridge impression is an individualization, exclusion or inconclusive in comparison to a second friction ridge impression. PLEASE NOTE that the determination of one friction ridge impression as being an individualization, exclusion or inconclusive in comparison to a second friction ridge impression can only be conducted by a competently trained friction ridge examiner. The terms “Individualization”, “Exclusion” and “Inconclusive” are as defined in the SWGFAST Standard Terminology of Friction Ridge Examination (Latent/Tenprint) Ver. 4.1, where SWGFAST is the Scientific Working Group on Friction Ridge Analysis, Study and Technology.

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