***CLOSEOUT ITEM*** Combo Pro Distance Measuring Tool



This electronic distance measuring tool with receiver and target is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Use it at the crime scene as an alternative to convential tape measures. Measure the crime scene without having to unwind and rewind conventional tape measures—leaving potential evidence undisturbed. The unit's narrow beam allows measuring in tight spaces and can be field-calibrated for greater accuracy.


  • Measures from 16" up to 60 ft (18 meters) in single unit mode
  • Measures from 1' 6" up to 250 ft (75 meters) in dual unit mode (with target)
  • Electronic Target has LED signal confirmation
  • Computes areas and volumes
  • Adds linear measurements, area, and volumes
  • Measures in feet/inches, meters/centimeters, decimal feet/yards
  • Tracking and validate modes
  • Saves 7 measurements with easy recall
  • Automatic internal temperature compensation
  • Auto shut-off 7 minutes after last use
  • Multi-lingual detail instruction booklet and quick reference label
  • Low battery warning
  • Requires two 9-volt batteries (not included)
  • Accuracy 99.5% +/- 1/4" (1 cm)
  • Protective pouch with belt loop
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