Where to Find Grants

By: Jocelyne Terilli

In our post, “Grants: Increase your chances of success,” we outlined tips to help you succeed in receiving grant money. But where do you find grants in the first place? The Federal government is not the only resource for grants. State governments, companies, charitable organizations, and community/private foundations also have grants that may have options for law enforcement.

Where to Look:

  • Take inventory of your region & your state. Note the major corporations, community organizations & foundations, and private foundations locally and on a state-level.
  • Take a national inventory and identify the relevant sources that fund annually
  • Look for like-minded organizations with missions that match the program & items you are seeking funding for

Below, we’ve listed sites for nationwide grants but look on your state government or local companies for grant options.

Government sites:

Corporate Foundations:

Local companies might have a foundation and below are corporate foundations that give on a national level:

  • Allstate Foundation provides grants for programs that seek to end youth violence, empower domestic violence victims, target hate crimes, and teach tolerance to youth.
  • State Farm has grants for disaster preparedness and recovery.
  • Walmart Foundation has community grants for law enforcement.
  • Target Foundation and its BLUE effort have grants going to law enforcement and first responders as well as to forensic labs and investigation centers.

Private/Family Foundations

More Resources to find grants or get information:

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