Three Sirchie Solutions You Need in Your Classroom Today

By: Jocelyne Terilli

New uses for technology find their way into the public safety industry all the time. To prepare your students for the professional world, programs that highlight and give students hands-on experience with technology used in the field set themselves apart.

We offer three solutions to help you enhance your criminal justice, forensics, and other related programs:

  • Affordable Live Scan Systems to demonstrate current identification and biometric practices
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras to help see the unseen from a tactical, search & rescue, patrol, and investigation mission
  • Powerful lessons for your classroom delivered via our Educator Symposium held July 20-21, 2017


Live Scan Bio-Identity Solutions


1891 saw the first catalog of criminal fingerprints in Argentina. Over a hundred years later, we’re still using fingerprints as a distinctive characteristic to identify someone.  In the past 20 years, we’ve turned to digital scanning technology in the form of Live Scan systems to capture fingerprints electronically. It has made the process easier and saves time for law enforcement while making the identification of individuals efficient.

Digital identification technology has continued to advance to include palm prints, facial recognition, and iris capture, as highlighted by the FBI Next Generation Identification project, to include these identifications in digital scanning.

We offer affordable, easy-to-use live scan systems as turnkey solutions for FBI Next Generation Identification Initiatives. You’ll be able to show students how investigators use the technology now and where that technology is heading and compare it with the traditional method of ink and paper to capture a person’s fingerprints. Best of all is that our systems are portable so they can be easily moved between classrooms.

Thermal Imaging Cameras



Originally developed for military use, thermographic cameras have slowly moved into other fields as additional uses have been recognized. Technology advancements have made them easier to use, smaller, and more affordable. With applications including tactical, search & rescue, patrol, and more, the ability to see the unseen and understanding your surroundings is a valuable asset for public safety professionals.

Our thermal imaging camera (TIC) product line includes handheld devices or ones that can be attached to your smartphone and used via an app. Three options include wide view, extended range, and our PRO models which offer the most powerful sensor and best package of options.  Our handheld devices are also built for rugged use so you won’t be worried about passing them around a classroom. Take advantage of our Buy and Try promo with a 60-day money guarantee and see how thermal imagers are changing the forensic industry here:

Grow Your Knowledge with Forensic Lessons You Can Take into Your Classroom

Please join us at our headquarters in Youngsville in July for our Annual Forensic Symposium for Educators! Thanks to shows like CSI and Forensic Files, interest in forensic science has risen dramatically. Through a combination of lectures, exercises, and hands-on lab work, educators will leave our Symposium armed with real-world experiences and interactive lessons they can use in their classrooms. Hear from our Alumni here or register now!


As your partner in the classroom, we want you to have up-to-date information about new technology and we’re here to answer any questions you have. Please contact us at or 800.356.7311 or sign up for our emails to get updates to our free webinars, products and blog posts:

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