National Missing Children’s Day: Child ID Kits and Safety

By: Jocelyne Terilli

To be a parent, as the author Elizabeth Stone wrote, “It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.” As your children play in playgrounds, attend sleepovers, and go off to college, you’re acutely aware of this. To say it is a parent’s worst nightmare to have your child taken away from you is an understatement. It is form of torture without an end.

As parents and family members, we take steps to ensure the safety of our children. Sometimes those steps are about things we don’t want to think about but they can be important actions to help law enforcement.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a non-profit organization that serves “as the national clearinghouse and resource center for information about missing and exploited children,” recommends that parents have a Child ID kit prepared “in the event that he or she is missing.”

We’ve designed our Child ID kits to collect fingerprints, a DNA specimen and a photograph that is then retained by the parents. In the unfortunate event something happens with a child, the first 24 hours is critically important for law enforcement to find them.  Families who have information readily available when needed saves time for investigators.

Today, May 25th, marks National Missing Children’s Day and we wanted to take this opportunity to urge parents, schools, daycares, and universities to learn about Child ID kits and while it might be uncomfortable to think about, take the necessary precautions.


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