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  • Where to Find Grants

    By: Jocelyne Terilli
    In our post, “Grants: Increase your chances of success,” we outlined tips to help you succeed in receiving grant money. But where do you find grants in the first place? The Federal government is not the only resource for grants. State governments, companies, charitable organizations, and community/private foundations also have grants that may have options for law enforcement. Where to Look: Take inventory of your region & your state. Note the major corporations, community organizations...
  • Top four benefits to using Reflected Ultra-Violet Imaging Systems (RUVIS)

    By: Jocelyne Terilli
    In the 1970s, Chinese and Japanese forensic scientists were frustrated by not finding all latent fingerprints or contaminating the fingerprints they found via numerous development steps. They sought to create a new technology that would let them find a print without altering or touching it in any way. Using Shortwave Ultra-Violet Light (254 nanometer), they found that the UV light would reflect off fingerprints. Using a special imager with a quartz lens, it could convert the light to a visible...
  • We Are All the First Line of Defense: Recognizing Human Trafficking

    By: Jocelyne Terilli
    Human trafficking is everywhere, in many forms, every day.  This dangerous criminal activity is often in plain sight, yet lurks in the shadows and on the fringes and goes undetected if you don’t know the signs.  We’re committed to helping raise awareness of the signs of human trafficking.  Knowledge is power and we are all on the first line of defense to help victims of human trafficking. Common myths surround human trafficking: Sex trafficking is the only form of human...
  • Important Links

    By: Administrator
    Important Links:     International Association for Identification  Crime & Clues  Crime Scene Investigator    Master Index      Death Investigation      Crime Analysis for problem-Solvers    Crime...