4 Ways We Are With You in the Classroom

By: Jocelyne Terilli

As an educator, you are the caretakers of the next generation, to show them what forensic science is, how it works, and why it’s important. It is in your DNA to educate, to inspire, and to grow confidence and it’s in our corporate DNA too. We are a long-term partner of educators, helping you to show your students the ins and outs of real-world crime scene technology.

Here are four ways we help professors and teachers around the world enhance their curriculum, show them tips and tricks from real-life CSI stories, and bring more hands-on lessons to their students:

  • Free Resources:
    • We hold online webinars featuring topical and important issues in the forensic community: easy to get information or to show in class.
      • Show the session to your class and we can provide personalized certificates that they can place in their CV.
    • We believe knowledge is power; our blog posts are filled with useful tips and methods when searching for evidence and executing other forensic techniques that you can transfer to your classrooms.
    • Our weekly Lunch-n-Learns are a bite-size source of information and ideal for a classroom to introduce, enhance, or review a topic.
  • Classroom-friendly tools and products:
    • We manufacture CSI and forensic products and we teach so we know what products work best in a classroom! The products we suggest are durable, have easy clean-up, and definitely, have a “wow” factor for potentially distracted youth. Read our post, 10 Best Forensic Products for the Classroom”.
    • We also want you to know the latest methods and solutions around the public safety industry and which tools are ideal to show in the classroom, such as our portable LiveScan. Read about what you need in the classroom today in Three Solutions You Need in Your Classroom”.
  • In-person training:
    • Every July, we hold our Forensic Symposium for Educators: we bring you lesson plans in a 90-minute format, up-to-date forensic techniques, hands-on training to engage your students, and access to former crime scene investigators who can answer your questions throughout the year. Find out what attendees have thought in “Helping the Next Generation of Forensic Science Professionals”.
  • Free consultations to design and create your forensic classroom.
    • We know all about forensic methods and products and how they play in a classroom. You can call us anytime so we can help you figure out what technology you’ll need based on your goals, your lessons, and your budget.

We’re ready to start this partnership with you! Sign up for Sirchie emails today or contact us for more information.

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