22 lb Bonded Carbon Filter for ID Workstations

22 lb Bonded Carbon Filter for ID Workstations


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Bonded Carbon-Activated Filter FOR AC3000A,AC4000A, AC5000A, AC6000A, AC632C, AC6200A

The AC600 Series is ideal for the containment of common chemicals and powders used in forensic analysis. The unit can be fitted with a carbon filter for gases or a HEPA filter for particulate. The unit has an integral base for containment of spillage. The AC600 Series is fitted with an automatic sensor on the lower sash which automatically changes blower speed in relation to sash position. The AirSafe™ automatic controller allows for easy operation while monitoring airflow and filter condition. The unit meets and exceeds all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards for ductless enclosures. 22 lb.