10 Print Live Scan System


Low Cost Time Saving Turnkey Live Scan Packages

Modernize your fingerprint taking process for applicant processing.  Our new system is available for:

  • Applicant fingerprinting (currently available in North Carolina & Georgia with states being added register now for more information)
  • Applicant fingerprint and card printing
  • Education purposes to give your students real-life biometric fingerprint recording experience

Sirchie systems offer the ability to do all FBI Next Generation Identification (NGI) biometrics including fingerprints, iris capture, facial capture (mug shot), scars, marks, and tattoos, signature capture, and demographics.  Our palm print scanner option adds the ability to capture palm print ridge detail.

Our solution is incredibly easy to use vs. ink pad/roller.  All Sirchie Live Scan solutions are FBI Appendix F certified.


  • Instant print quality grading to ensure print quality and reduce rejection rate
  • Required data checks to ensure completeness of transaction


  • Low start-up & maintenance for real dollar savings
  • Better serve your community for all types of applicant processing.

Our base package for  applicant processing will arrive to you complete and ready to go consisting of a 10 Print Live Scan device and computer loaded with Sirchie Live Scan software.  Available for in-office use or packaged in a portable jump kit for mobile use.

Base Package includes:

  • Greenbit DactyScan84c 10 Print Scanner
  • Computer with included Sirchie Live Scan software (Laptop or PC available)

Options include:

  • Canon DSLR Camera
  • CMITech EMX 30 Dual Iris Capture Camera
  • Scriptel ST1500 Signature Pad
  • Lexmark MS810dn Printer
  • Kiosk
Canon DSLR Camera Signature Pad
Iris Capture Camera Lexmark Printer
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