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Video Package for Prisoner Transport Vehicle

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Sirchie offers video systems for prisoner transport vehicles that allow law enforcement to monitor and record the activity in and around their vehicle.  We can upgrade and retrofit your existing vehicles used to transport prisoners or include this option in a brand new Prisoner Transport Vehicle (PTV).

Sirchie offers video recording and monitoring packages with 2, 3, or 4 cameras.  

  • If you have a prisoner transport vehicle with only one entry point (rear doors), the 2 or 3 camera systems are ideal. 
  • If you have two points of entry (typically a second entry point on the side for maximum security prisoners, a 4 camera system is the option for you.

Each Sirchie prisoner transport video monitoring and recording system comes with:

  • Tamper proof cameras
  • Wiring harness(es)
  • Appropriate level digital recorder.  Each package needs a recorder that has enough channels to accommodate the number of cameras in the system
  • Dash-mountable monitor

Please request a quote and contact our vehicle sales team to discuss your needs and get your project started today.  

All options take advantage of state of the art technology to ensure that your team can monitor their situation and be safe and secure.  


  • Tamper Resistant, welded stainless steel camera housings to guard against damage by prisoners.
  • Purpose built video monitoring system (not a modified patrol car system).
  • Professional level video security equipment, manufactured for severe duty environments.

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