Upgrades for Your Existing Vehicle

Upgrades for Your Existing Vehicle


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Give Your Existing Vehicle New Life!

Whether you have a seized vehicles that you would like to repurpose or a department vehicle with low mileage, high usage, we have the expertise and experiences to breathe new life into your valuable vehicle assets.

With hundred of projects completed, our team of skilled mechanics and tradesmen can perform expert updates to the interior and/or exterior of your vehicle. We will deliver the right solution and make it a simple, pain-free process for you.

We have reconfigured evidence collection, surveillance, mobile command, hostage negotiation, alcohol enforcement vehicles, and much more.

SUV, Van, Truck, Bus, Freightliner, Car - if it has wheels and you have a new use for it, we can help from initial concept through design, rework, completion, and delivery.

Our most popular work includes:

  • Technology Updates. Outdated technology can hold you back. We will upgrade your technology and configure your space to maximize your efficiency and comfort.
  • Exterior Updates. Technology, storage, accessories, lighting, cameras, rooftop observation decks, awnings, and more. We deliver whatever you need on the exterior of your vehicle to maximize the use of this real estate.
  • More room. Add additional square footage to the interior of your vehicle with motorized bump outs. This much-needed space can help extend the utility of your vehicle.
  • Interior Upgrades. Use your vehicle space more effectively and modernize your interior with new finishes and furniture.
  • Repurpose. Your department can take a seized vehicle or valuable asset that is being underused and breathe new life into it.

There is no limit to what the Sirchie team can do for you. Each project is customized to meet your needs. Let Sirchie help you extend the life cycle of these valuable assets and adapt your existing vehicle to meet your current needs.