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Mobile Command Center Upgrades

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Mobile command vehicles and mobile command centers are often deployed for longer time periods with extensive use of the interior and exterior around the vehicle. While these vehicles are deployed for extended time periods, usually the vehicle is not moved as frequently as other types of vehicles.  These scenarios lead to a vehicle that has relatively low mileage, with high usage of the vehicle interior and exterior.  

Sirchie has a long history of performing mobile command upgrades and mobile command refurbishings for a large variety of customers.  We work on vehicles from any manufacturer and perform a variety of work including:

  • New Interior Upgrades - Replacing the interior of a vehicle including new flooring, cabinetry, tables, chairs, seating, workspaces, bathrooms, etc.
  • Modern Technology Upgrades - Replacing technology to get the latest video, audio, radio, computer, wireless capabilities, antennae available on the market today
  • Motorized Bump Outs - Adding a motorized bump out to the interior/exterior of your vehicle gives you extra square footage inside the vehicle when you need it with the ability to retract the room for travel and when not needed
  • New Equipment - Creating organization for new and updated equipment gives you a fresh, efficient work space
  • New Exterior Upgrades - Repurposing exterior areas for better storage, adding retractable awnings, creating new access between interior/exterior, adding rooftop observation decks, etc.

Each project is customized to meet your needs.  Let Sirchie help you extend the life cycle of these valuable assets and adapt your existing vehicle to meet your current needs.