ECV100 Evidence Collection Van

ECV100 Evidence Collection Van



You have enough to worry about during and investigation. Let us provide you with a turnkey van that gets your team and your tools to the scene safely and ready to work. 


Ford Transit 250 Vehicle Specifications: 

  • Color white, mid roof model 
  • Low and high roof models available 
  • 3.5 L EcoBoost V6 engine 
  • Electronic 6 speed automatic overdrive with SelectShift
  • 130" wheelbase, 148" wheelbase also available
  • 9000lb GVWR rating 

Ford Transit Connect Vehicle Specifications: 

  • XLT Van, Color White 
  • 2.5L DOHC Duratec 1-4 engine 
  • Electronic 6 seed automaic transmission with overdrive 
  • 120.6" wheelbase
  • 5,270 lb GVWR rating 

Customized Interior Configuration:

  • Bulkhead/ safety partition of steel & composite material mounted behind cab seats 
  • Ceiling finishing in automotive faberic
  • Walls constructed of Kemply FRP panels 
  • Floor covered with padded rubber matting 
  • All shelving & storage units of compisite material side panels, shelves, drawers & dividers. Shelves lined with rubber matting 
  • Report writting desk & portable stool 
  • Wall mounted first aid kit & Fire Extinguisher 
Vehicle Power and Lighting- 12V DC: 
  • 12V DC outlet panel mounted over desk top 
  • Interior LED dome lights 
Optional equipment listed: 
  • Custom graphics package
  • Emergency light bar
  • 3000 Watt inverter 
Evidence Collection Kits: 
  • Anti-Purification Kit 
  • Nitirile Powdered Gloves, XL, Box of 100 
  • Barrier tape in dispenser box 
  • Master crime scene sketch kit 
  • Standard photo documentation kit 
  • megaMAXX alternate light source kit
  • Super scanner V hand held metal dectector 
  • Apprehender special kit 
  • Primer residue kits Copolymer case (for primer residue kits)
  • Master Narcotics test kits 
  • All purpose evidence recovery kit 
  • Cyanowand SEARCH kit 
  • Latent Print Finder Kit
  • Investigator's field blood test kit 
  • Seminal Fluid Dishaps kit 
  • Crime Scene DNA recovery kit
  • Rechargable evidence vacuum kit