ECV100 Evidence Collection Van

ECV100 Evidence Collection Van


Sirchie offers our ECV100 Basic Evidence Collection Van as a cost-effective option for departments with budget limitations.  This “No Frills” Evidence Collection vehicle, has all the equipment necessary to handle the day to day processing of crime scene evidence collection. Aluminum shelving uprights and adjustable, lightweight, non-porous, composite shelves, can hold up to 250 pounds and eliminate the possibilities of corrosion and evidential contamination. Report writing desk with portable stool included.


  • Lightweight, Adjustable Composite Shelving to house supplied Evidence Collection Field Kits and Existing Department Equipment.  Shelves can hold up to 250 pounds and are impact resistant and rust proof.
  • Formica Report Writing Desk provided with Portable Stool.
  • Durable, Non Porous Interior is easily cleaned to prevent contamination of Evidence.
  • Ample Interior Space to transport larger items of evidence or equipment such as Portable Tents, Traffic Cones, Road Barricades etc.
  • Available with Extended Height Roof Extended Roof ECV100
  • Available with fuel efficient Diesel engine ECV100 Diesel Engine
  • Available 1,000 Watt Continuous-duty 120V AC Power Inverter which will convert DC Current from On-Board Auxiliary Battery to AC Power for Equipment and Accessories ECV100 Inverter

ECV100 Evidence Collection Van includes the following kits:

  • Professionial Sketch Kit
  • Rechargeable Evidence Vacuum
  • Hand Held Metal Detector
  • Recovery Magnet & 100 ft. Rope
  • Anti-Putrefaction Mask Kit
  • MegaMaxx Alternate Light System
  • Theft Detection Kit
  • Latent Print Kit
  • Evidence Packaging Kit
  • (5) Primer Residue Collection Kits
  • Cyanowand Cyanoacrylate Fuming Kit
  • Master Shake-n-Cast Impression Kit
  • Texture Lift Mikrosil Casting Kit
  • Master Blood Test Kit
  • Seminal Fluid Test Kit
  • (3) DNA Evidence Collection Kits
  • Master Narcotics Analysis Kit
  • Standard Photo Documentation Kit
  • Barrier Tape Dispenser
  • Barrier Tape 1,000 ft.
  • Extension Cord Reel 100 ft.

Download the ECV100 Product Info Flyer:

ECV100 Flyer